Selling Equipment Online; Offer Financing From Your Website

Increase sales by offering equipment online financing options on your website with Jocova Financials’ Branded Dealer Web Application pages that become a part of your website – Fast, Easy, and Free.

Jocova Financial provides equipment dealers with the ability to engage digital shoppers and turn them into showroom customers by providing a seamless online financing tool between ‘you’ the dealer, your customer, and us, your equipment financing & leasing partner to accept customer credit applications through your own custom branded web page.

An Application for Financing is like a Commitment to Buy Equipment

Jocova’s online credit application system is for equipment dealers to confidently offer equipment financing & leasing options for commercial customers and businesses looking to acquire equipment. The system can be used as an integral part of your web retailing experience via a custom branded dealer financing application web page. It offers dealers the flexibility to use the system seamlessly with their current website as well as provide direct links to customers to online, by email, marketing campaigns and material, social media, newsletters, and more.

Why Use Dealer Web Financing Application Pages

  • An application for financing is like a commitment to buy equipment
  • People live and buy online; including equipment financing
  • Today’s consumer not only prefers online transactions, they expect it
  • Ease of equipment acquisition can be preferred to lowest price
  • Serious shoppers want the ability to act on equipment they want immediately; Apply Now
  • Equipment buyers’ habits and behaviours continue to migrate to digital experiences
  • Dealers are finding a trend towards people applying for credit online then in-store
  • Accelerate sales by engaging customers and moving them through the sales cycle faster and sooner
  • Online to In-Store Strategy – “Click-to-Mortar”
  • Generate more leads and sales with a financing Call to Action


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LeaseNote by Jocova Financial

Why Customers Expect Online Financing Options

Small business owners are going online for the best equipment financing services for many of the same reasons they already use other online services for their business like accounting (i.e. Quickbooks), marketing automation (i.e. Active Campaign), Small Business Financial Management (i.e. TransactWell), and sales CRM (i.e. Salesforce).

  • Business owners want quick and effortless access to the best equipment financing options with the least amount of input and when they want to purchase
  • Convenience and time savings are one of the biggest reasons business owners first turn online
  • Applying for credit can be a self-preserving means to capital because business owners can be more open when completing their applications and not having to be self-conscience about credit woes or financial details if completing in person at the dealer level.
  • Access points to credit and capital; mobile, web, dealer portals
  • Online convenience versus offline burden
  • Privacy – only those that need to see the information have access to it

Generate More Leads and Sales with a Financing Call to Action, 24/7

How To Get Your Dealer Custom Finance Page For Free

Step 1

Register to Get your Free Custom Financing Link

Sign-Up to get your Free Custom Financing Link that you can use to offer equipment financing & leasing options directly from your website. Simply enter a few details about your equipment dealership and we build it all for you for free.

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Step 2

Connect your Website & Sales Tools to Your Financing Link

Connect your new Equipment Financing Web Application page to your current website by a simple URL. Link quotes, emails, and any equipment sales & promotional material to your application link. Making this link easily accessible will make the equipment financing process feel smooth and completely integrated in your business website. Simply use they URL link provided in the setup process.

 Step 3

Promote More Sales with Higher Customer Engagement

Promote your ability to offer equipment financing online through your website, social media channels, print ads and more. Promoting your financing service as a value-add could easily increase sales and market share by offering a convenient way for customers to initiate the purchasing of equipment 24 hours a day online.


Click Here to Get your Free Dealer Web Application Page

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