Why Small Businesses Should Use EquipmentWallet to Save with Equipment Leasing

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Are you a small business owner who needs new equipment? According to ELFA, the Equipment Leasing, and Financing Association, research shows that an increasing number of businesses are now opting to lease a lot of their equipment rather than making a cash purchase. Why do they do this? The answer is simple – they don’t want to tie up their money by buying the equipment outright. They prefer to save their cash for unforeseen expenses, payroll, and supplies.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Equipment Leasing

Searching for the Right Equipment Leasing Company

No matter what kind of business you own, at some point in time you are going to realize that your company needs better and more equipment in order to remain competitive and grow. The decision you are going to have to make is whether to purchase the equipment outright or lease it through one of the many leasing companies advertising their services. Business owners are faced with a barrage of options and information when they begin searching for equipment leases, so who can they trust? Do they check with the Better Business Bureau? Ask their competitors? Often equipment suppliers are partnered with credible equipment leasing companies but for those businesses looking the best options, terms, and rates, they should try EquipmentWallet (https://equipmentwallet.com/) that matches business-seeking equipment financing with the best-suited lenders based on their profile.

Five Overlooked Things You Should Know Before Signing and Equipment Lease

A Simple Way to Get the Best Equipment Financing Rates

The reason why EquipmentWallet works so well is because as a business owner, you don’t have the time to research all the leasing companies for their rate offerings. EquipmentWallet matches your needs with the best equipment leasing companies who specialize in your industry or profession and credit profile. Simply provide some basic information about your business in order to set up your client profile, and as little as  just a few minutes you will start receiving leasing quotes emailed to your inbox from companies specifically matched to your business profile, industry, and equipment. You will then be able to easily make comparisons and choose the offer that fits both your requirements and your budget. Instead of having to contact each leasing company individually, the companies’ information (including reviews of their services) and their leasing options are right there in front of you. This puts the decision-making into your hands. You choose the company you want to work with and let EquipmentWallet connect you.


Equipment financing companies use various criteria to review your creditworthiness and financial status. However, EquipmentWallet eliminates the need for you to apply to multiple leasing companies to search for an equipment leasing option for your equipment. EquipmentWallet does all the hard work for you and saves you time, and most importantly, money. EquipmentWallet enables you to take control. Instead of asking for a equipment lease from a bank or financing company, you will have them vying for your business! You will be the one making the decision regarding which equipment lease or loan offer you are going to accept.

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Equipment Leasing for All Types of Businesses and Equipment

EquipmentWallet caters to all types of businesses; small building companies who need earth movers, bulldozers, or trailers to use as offices; landscapers looking for mowers, snow plows, small backhoes and other heavy equipment; concrete businesses wanting new concrete mixers; medical offices requiring new chairs, desks and furniture for the reception area ; a new warehouse needing forklifts and rack systems. Opening a clothing store? Lease the display counters and other items you need. Are you a farmer or flower grower who needs a new tractor or utility vehicle? Do you need equipment and furniture to open your bar or restaurant? Absolutely anything anyone needs to improve or open a business is available for lease, and EquipmentWallet will put you in touch with specialized lenders in order to match your specific needs and company profile for the best equipment leasing options.

The Number 1 Tool You Should Be Using If You Lease Equipment for Your Business

EquipmentWallet enables you to take control of your finances. Instead of asking your bank or seeking individual leasing companies for financing to buy new equipment, you will have them vying for your business! You will be the one making the decision regarding which lease or loan offer you are going to accept, and the length of your lease. You could potentially save thousands of dollars over the term of your lease contract by just comparing quotes. EquipmentWallet has already forged partnerships with national and specialized lenders who will be more than willing to help you obtain equipment financing and allow your business to prosper.

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